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Buyer FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Naturally you may have questions regarding Constructionline and how it works, so we’ve put together an extensive list of answers, based on the queries our buyers tend to ask.

How many contractors and consultants are registered on Constructionline?

Over 25,000 suppliers have already registered with Constructionline and over 93% of these suppliers renew their membership each year.

Do I need to ask suppliers for any of the information already held on Constructionline?

No! The primary purpose of Constructionline is to reduce the amount of duplication in the supplier assessment process, not just for suppliers who have to repeatedly complete the same questionnaires, but also for yourselves who have to collect and assess this information over and over again. Constructionline is a central source where you can check all standard information without any hassle.

When you register with Constructionline you sign a brief set of terms and conditions agreeing to remove all duplication from your procurement process. In some cases you may need to request project specific information not held on Constructionline but you should not request duplicate data.

How often do you update the information held on registered suppliers?

The information on Constructionline is continually being updated on the anniversary of its expiry date. Unlike self-certification services the database is maintained by our experienced registrations team and we write out to our suppliers as and when their information is due to expire. If a supplier fails to provide us with up to date information, after a series of reminders, they will be put onto consult status and this will be visible to you as you search the database.

Can I get more passwords for my colleagues and can you provide training for them?

Yes, we can provide new passwords and group or individual training sessions. You should make sure your colleagues in your department are adhering to the T&C's you have signed. Click here to contact your local Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to find out more.

Can any department in my organisation use Constructionline?

Absolutely. Any department that has a genuine requirement for Constructionline can register. They would have to register as a separate account so would need to sign the terms and conditions, but access would still be free and we would also carry out training and provide on going support.

Can you tell me how many suppliers on my existing supplier list are registered?

Yes we can. If you email your list of suppliers to your CRM they will run a check against our database of registered suppliers and let you know how many are registered.

How would you get my existing supplier list registered on Constructionline?

Once we have identified those suppliers that are not registered we will contact each organisation, explain you are now using Constructionline and suggest they should consider registering. Enclosed with the letters will be an application pack explaining to the supplier how Constructionline works, the benefits of being registered and the application form. With your agreement we would be happy to carry out follow up campaigns to help more suppliers register.

What help is offered to suppliers during the registration process?

The initial registration process can be quite time consuming so we have a telephone service where we will complete the application forms for the supplier over the phone. This way suppliers do not need to type in the answers themselves and just have to post in the relevant attachments such as insurance certificates and a copy of their accounts. We also have a supplier helpline available between 8:30 – 5:00 where we can help suppliers with any queries.

Can you tell my suppliers they must register with Constructionline?

No. By law as buyers you are not allowed to exclude companies from tendering for work if they are not Constructionline registered. However, by asking for their Constructionline registration number on your PQQ documents and removing the need for them to complete those duplicate questions, you can identify those that are registered and simply check their details online.

How can I identify my own suppliers on Constructionline?

You can set up your own supplier list on Constructionline that can be easily accessed each time you log in. This list can be shared with other Constructionline buyers if you wish and we will send you alerts if any suppliers on your list are placed on consult status, suspended or no longer registered on Constructionline.

How much does it cost to register with Constructionline?

As a buyer it is completely free of charge for you to use Constructionline.

Does Constructionline charge suppliers to join?

Sir Michael Latham’s report, Constructing the Team, recommended that the service be self-funding in order to give it the financial resources to develop and grow into a single register. Annual membership starts from as little as £75 a year* and this allows suppliers to register for an unlimited number of work sectors and geographical locations.

*There is a one-off joining fee of £25 for new members. From the second year of membership onwards, suppliers will only pay the annual membership fee.

Can I offer to pay for my suppliers to register?

Yes, you can pay the registration fee on behalf of your supplier. This is something you should discuss with your Client Relationship Manager.

How is Experian used to monitor suppliers' financial status?

Experian carry out a bespoke daily assessment on all Constructionline registered suppliers, checking changes in a number of criteria (please see appendix 3 of our criteria document). An alert is sent to the Constructionline accountants if there is an issue or a supplier moves across a Delphi Band into a higher risk area. If an alert is received, then the Constructionline accountant will investigate and take appropriate action which may include the following:

  • A consult notice - a note is added to the supplier's record informing the buyer that there is additional information they need to be aware of e.g. meeting of creditors.
  • Notation reduction - reducing the notation figure on a supplier's record if the Experian report shows a move into a higher risk area.
  • Removal - the company will be made inactive e.g. a notification of liquidation is received.
  • Constructionline does not use Experian as a credit checking facility.

Who owns Constructionline?

Constructionline is owned by Capita, one of the UK's leading business process companies.

How many buyers already use Constructionline?

There are currently over 8,000 buyers from 2,500 organisations across the UK using Constructionline, these include central government departments, local authorities, NHS trusts, housing associations, universities, colleges and main contractors.

Still need help?

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